Liu He Ba Fa – Water Style


Take a look at Master Lee performing a short demo version of liu he ba fa in Hainan, China:


Liu He Ba Fa, 6 Harmonies and 8 methods is a rare and unique Taoist internal martial art and health system also known as Water Boxing. Credited to a Taoist sage named Chen Tuan (878-989). Its core training focuses on Daoyin and qigong methods comprising of unique breathing and meditation. There is a 66 posture routine practised adopting the intention of 12 different animals, which has more than 800 movements and 2500 self defense techniques. This makes Liu He Ba Fa the most intricate of all internal martial art system. Beautiful to watch, it’s movements are generally slow and unpredictable. The movements change from slow to fast, rise and fall, is calm and rushing. It interprets the analogy to water thus its name Water style or Water Boxing. Liu He Ba Fa has profound benefits for maintaining and improving health at the same time remains a superior art of internal practice.


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In Taoist theory, life is a balance between the five elements, Fire , Water, Earth, Metal and Wood. The fire element for example emits heat and is an expansive energy. It is a symbol of strength. The water element is its contrast. It is cooling and cleansing. Its energy is moving and flowing. It is the symbol of giving and the key to Longevity.

The creation of water style is credited to Taoist hermit Chen Tuan who lived on Mount Hua in China during the 10th century. He was a well sought after clairvoyant and healer.

Known as the Sleeping Immortal, Chen Tuan practiced longevity techniques, breath work and meditation. He developed Liu He Ba Fa based on the Taoist understanding of the nature of water. Reputed as the last of China’s closed door internal arts practice, this rare experiential weekend will be conducted by Master Jennifer Li Yu Hua, 6th Generation lineage holder and Vice President of the Hua Yue Xinyi Liu He Ba Fa Organisation in China.


liuhebafa london may 15Course: 

– Introduction to Liu He Ba Fa Water Style

– Foundation practice

– Water Style Qigong

– Cultivating The Immortal Breath

– Liu He Ba Fa in self defense

– The Eagle’s Intention

– The Snake’s Spiral

– Liu He Ba Fa form


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Friday 13th May
Muscle and tendon neigong – Yi Jin Jing

Saturday 14th May
Bone marrow neigong – Xi Sui Jing

Sunday 15th May
Black sand healing palm & Detox nutrition


Course Teacher: Master Jennifer Lee

Awarded the 7th Duan Black belt in 2009 by the San Shou Dao Association in China and recently awarded the title of ‘World Famous Martial Art Master’ in the book of 100 Extraordinary Martial Artist 2010/11. This will be Jennifer’s first of many planned visits to London as part of her commitment to allowing more people to benefit from Liu He Ba Fa practice.

Jennifer was born and raised in Singapore in a traditional Taoist family with forefathers from Fujian province, China. She started her training in Chinese theatre and classical Chinese dance at the age of 7. At 13, she began her training in external martial arts. Embracing competitive martial arts for 12 years, she was national gold medallist for 8 consecutive years. A state registered and certified coach and referee, Jennifer moved on to internal martial arts and studied full time with prominent and exceptional master Zhou Shu Sheng, also known as China’s Eagle Claw King and the 6th generation Liu He Ba Fa grandmaster.

In 2000, she moved to Germany and founded the Center for martial and healing arts cultivation. Being a woman in the martial arts world and in Europe puts her in a unique position. She is a patient teacher & teaches with dedication and an unusual humour, while demanding, strict and uncompromising, is empathic and warm.