This is the energy in London at 6pm on the 6th November 2017

Chinese Astrology describes the 5 elements which are based on the cycles of nature. Autumn is the season of Metal, and someone born on the day of our up-coming Essence of the Elements class could have this composition of the 5 elements (but time of birth will vary it slightly). The metal of November the Autumn month and the metal of the Year branch Rooster together with the Fire and Metal day of the 6thNovember 2017 means that metal is dominating. Metal energy involves analyzing and decision making, will this be good for us and our Brexit problems, or for you in your personal lives?

Metal is also the energy of the lungs, the large intestines and the skin. People with deficiencies in these energies will notice improvement in conditions and people with excesses could feel their conditions worsen.

All 5 elements bring us emotional energy, both positive and negative. Metal’s positives are: courage, righteousness, motivation, but the downside is sadness and difficulties in letting go. And so for those easily depressed, these feelings could gain ground.

But Inner Alchemy is about changing our inner core! An easy, basic practice will be taught at the weekend workshop with Mantak Chia: the healing sounds – and the metal sound can re-balance our metal energies to give us better physical energy in the lungs and large intestines and re-cycle sadness and depression into the positive emotions of courage and motivation.

Master Chia will be teaching the Inner Alchemy Basic practices over the weekend and on Monday & Tuesday, a special 2-day class on the Essence of the Elements when you can look at your own 5 element make-up and see how to fine tune it with chi kung and meditations. The 5-element journey continues on Wednesday and Thursday with the invigorating meditations of ‘Fusion of the Five Elements – where we learn to fuse the negative emotions into a positive energy to feed our life force, and to build up protections from negativity.

Mantak Chia is teaching in London from 3-9 November 2017.
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