Tai Chi Chi Kung

Everyone knows Tai Chi is good for your physical and mental health and you may have  thought about taking it up. It is now quite easy to find a class so what makes this style special?

First of all, the Tai Chi Chi Kung form taught by Master Mantak Chia is easy to learn. Yet it contains all of the essential movements and doesn’t require much space to practice it. You can practice the whole form in an average sized room, which is handy when we are in the depths of winter. And because it is simple and fast to learn you can get to work on the things that are going to have an impact in your life, the energy (chi) flow and the structure.

The benefits people experience are numerous but here are a few common ones:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Stronger legs and back, as well as less back pain
  • A growing sense of calmness
  • More energy
  • A general feeling of contentment, peace and happiness


As Grand Master Mantak Chia has said, there is little point in knowing many of the thousands of forms of chi kung or of tai chi with 60, 108 or 128 movements if you do not have any ‘Chi’ in them. This 13 movement short form of Tai Chi concentrates on the inner structure (see Mantak Chia’s classic reference book ‘The Inner Structure of Tai Chi’). It consists of working with the 8 forces in the 5 directions, North, East, South, West, and Centre and its simplicity allows real work on inner power and energy. For a long time the form was only used by the Yang family for their in-house practise as it is very short and simple, and could thus be repeated many hundreds of times in order to build up inner power and structure.

Many who practice it regularly report great benefit from doing as little as 15 minutes a day.


Next Course: combined with Iron Shirt Chi Kung

When: 25/26 April 2014


Venue: To be confirmed soon.



Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday 10am to 5pm
with a break for lunch


Price: £180 (Concessions rate £160) 

Booking: Contact us to register your interest in the course



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