Energy Balance through the Tao – Exercises for Cultivating Yin Energy

by Mantak Chia

In the Western world exercise focuses mainly on physical fitness and developing muscular strength. In the East exercise systems balance fitness practices for the body mind and spirit. This balance is strongly emphasised in the Taoist system of Tao Yin one of the oldest and most diverse forms of exercise in China. Tao Yin focuses on creating balance between internal and external energies and revitalising the body mind and spirit with a combination of strength flexibility and internal energy exercises. Its ultimate goal is for the practitioner to become pure responsive and full of energy like a child. The book includes 45 fully illustrated exercises that promote flexibility strength and balance in one's physical mental and spiritual energy.

Mantak Chia explains the history behind the practice and its connections to other complementary Chinese exercise forms such as tai chi. In this book Chia focuses on the lying and sitting positions of Tao Yin which improve health and structural alignment and once mastered strengthen movements and postures in standing positions. The benefits of these remarkably simple exercises include harmonising chi developing strength and flexibility through tendon stretching relaxing the abdominal muscles and the diaphragm releasing toxins through the breath and training the 'second brain' in the lower abdomen to coordinate and direct these processes.

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