Chi Nei Tsang – Chi Massage for the Vital Organs

by Mantak Chia

The techniques of Chi Nei Tsang evolved in Asia during an era when few physicians were available and people had to know how to heal themselves. Many people today have symptoms that modern medicine is not able to cure because a physical source for the problem is not easily found. The energies of negative emotions stress and tension - all common in modern life - and the weight of past illness accumulate in the abdominal centre causing energy blockages and congestion. When this occurs all vital functions stagnate and myriad problems arise. By practising the techniques of Chi Nei Tsang this stagnation is removed and the vital organs surrounding the navel centre are detoxified and rejuvenated.

• Presents techniques to clear blockages in the body's energy flow

• Includes illustrated exercises to relieve common ailments revitalise the organs and enable readers to take charge of their own health and well-being and focuses on the navel centre where negative emotions stress and illness accumulate

Master Chia teaches readers how to avoid absorbing negative energies from others and take full charge of their health through the self-healing techniques of Chi Nei Tsang. He offers fully illustrated exercises that show how to detoxify the internal organs and clear the energy (chi) channels throughout the body. He also presents methods for balancing emotions managing stress and observing the body in order to recognise ameliorate and prevent maladies before they become a problem.

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