Qigong Instructor Training

Becoming a Qigong instructor is a rewarding path weather you want to teach others of just deepen your own practice. Once you have attended the workshops below you will have completed the main prerequisites (*full Prerequisites below) to join the 6 Day Associate Teacher Training Week which takes place in North Wales. The course is lead by Senior Instructor Barry Spendlove and assisted by Leigh Blyth or another certified instructor.

Teacher training course prerequisites

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The Associate instructor training is a 50+ hours intensive retreat covering all the Foundation practices and how to teach them. There is a maxiumum of 4 trainees to ensure you feel confident to teach at the end of the course. We will cover everything you need to know to set up as a Qigong instructor from setting up workshop space energetics and using teaching aids to passing energy to your students to open their microcosmic orbits. We focus on developing your sensitivity, depth and effortless power within the practices.

If you are interested in training to become an instructor please contact me or let me know when you are attending one of my workshops so I can help you prepare for the training.


Next Course

Sept 2017 – contact me to find out more.


Course Cost

£495 reduced to £475 if paid in full two weeks in advance
price includes food and accommodation
certification fee £25 payable to Universal Healing Tao
(some kitchen responsibilities will be shared)


*Full Prerequisites to Qualify for Associate Instructor Training Program :

1) New applicants must have completed 90 hours of Healing Tao Training prior to the
Teacher Training retreat within a period of not less than one year and a recommended two years of prior training!
One year of prior training is an absolute minimum to take the training but*
-These hours must include the following courses:
Training in the Microcosmic Orbit, the Six Healing Sounds, the Inner Smile and Fusion I and II.
(This is to assure solid competence and quality in all core courses,
and to provide a Teacher Assistant internship and mentor-ship with Senior Healing Tao Instructors).

2) Applicants must read all the Healing Tao books that apply to Basic Associate Teacher Training.
Required Reading:
Applicants must read Awakening Healing Light, Transforming Stress Into Vitality,
Chi Self Massage, Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Healing Love – author Master Mantak Chia

3) Applicants must write a letter explaining why they want to be an instructor.

4) Applicants need a strong letter of recommendation from one certified Healing Tao Instructor.

*Please note: If you do not have two years of previous training, you can take the teacher training intensive
but you will be a Provisional Associate Instructor until two years of practice is met.

Associate Instructor Certification Requirements :-

Associate Instructor trainees must take the Certification ‘Tao Basic Training’ (forty hours)
with a Senior and a Certified Instructor.

– To become certified as an Associate Instructor, applicants must meet all prerequisites.*

– Associate Instructor Certification authorises one to teach the Basic Microcosmic Orbit Course
within her/his own local area only.

This certification allows you to teach: the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation,
the Six Healing Sounds, the Inner Smile, Chi Self-Massage,
and the Chi-Kung warm-ups

.- An Associate Instructor agrees to advertise as:
Healing Tao Associate Instructor and to advertise within a 100 mile radius.

* Private study with other Senior Instructors is applicable towards some of your prerequisites.
Tape Instruction is not applicable. Training hours of Instruction with a teacher are necessary.
What is applicable are private lessons, weekend workshops or classes –

– Certification Fee is £25

Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend Master Chia’s weekend lectures & workshops!