Microcosmic Orbit

Taoist Inner AlchemyMove energy – ‘chi’ – around the body’s circuits, known by Taoists for thousands of years as the Micro-cosmic orbit. By dissolving blockages in these circuits, the body can re-juvenate and re-vitalise improving health, mental alertness and mood. Blockages can be the results of build-ups of stress, lack of sleep, worry, accidents, poor nutrition – deficiencies and excesses.

During this workshop you will learn the preparation exercises which can also be done independently:

Chi Kung Warm-ups; Sitting properly and keeping the spine supple and loose; Inner Smiling; Warming the Stove; Activating Sexual Energy; Gathering Tan Tien Chi.

Learn and use the recommended techniques for enhancing the sensation of Chi: Mind-Eye Power; hands-on touching of Vital Chi Centers; the natural breathing Method.

Use them in combination to draw more Chi into the Microcosmic Orbit. Use the hands to focus your awareness and to move the Chi.

Utilize the slow, deep breath to expand and open the centers. These techniques will support the conscious opening of your Microcosmic Orbit.

During the seminar Master Chia will help participants to open their own micro-cosmic orbit.

It is recommended to do this part of the Supreme Inner Alchemy Basic Practices before starting on the sexual energy work in the Healing Love class.


Mantak Chia –

“It is the most basic training of the Tao…. my Taoist Master said to me ‘I want the whole world to learn how to open the Micro-Cosmic Orbit’. That was a very big assignment for me and since then I have attempted to do that. My Master also called this the Taoist ‘born-again’ process because we go back to being like a foetus in the womb when the orbit was open and we were connected to the Primordial Force, the source or the Supreme Creator. Everything in the Universe is moving in an Orbit and we are connected with this bigger orbit and the whole universe when the orbit is open; if we cannot do the orbit, we cannot connect with it. I learned this from my Master; he helped me to open my orbit – otherwise it can take many years – and he entrusted this energy to me and now, after 45 years of practice and teaching, I know how to help people to open their orbit.”

“Often in 1 or 2 days they can really feel the energy flow inside of themselves, rather than it taking much longer. With their orbit open they can achieve better health, better wisdom, better healing and spiritual energy, because they can connect to the Primordial Force. It is the beginning of the most basic Supreme Inner Alchemy change… it is the beginning of what we call the ‘water and fire’ practice. The Tao says we have water and fire in the body and usually the water flows down from the bottom of the body.. and we lose it. So the Tao says that you start with the Tan Tien fire and turn the water wheel, make water turn into fire and it changes into Chi and that is the beginning of the Supreme Inner Alchemy changes. If there were no more water and fire in the world, it would end. It is about the balancing of water and fire.”