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Tao Garden was founded by Taoist Master Mantak Chia in Northern Thailand near Chiang Mai.  The traditional wisdom of the Tao and the Qigong teachings are firmly ingrained in Tao Garden.  It uses a wide array of holistic healing methods from the East and West.  Tao Garden attracts those who seek a healthy lifestyle, those who want to heal themselves, qi gong practitioners and those who desire to align with the most natural and holistic way of being.

The internationally renowned health resort and spa utilises Thai and Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic Indian medicine and western holistic medicines along-side many different kinds of massages and ancient healing practices.  Together these healing practices are combined into a singular system which is based on the theory that the cleanest blood, the cleanest cells and good Chi, contribute all for the best health.

Tao Garden has ample sports facilities – a gym, sports courts and a swimming pool.

Tao Garden offers detox and weight loss programmes.  Tao Garden’s renowed juice bar works in conjunction with the Pakua Clinic, an unsurpassed holistic medical facility. Enjoy natural health drinks and conscientiously prepared meals in the wonderful dining hall.

Tao Garden is unique – a healing sanctuary for body, mind and spirit.

Visit Tao Garden and find yourself enveloped in an abundant sense of well-being. Immerse yourself in an exploration of your inner world and find peace.  Tao Garden offers a peaceful and at the same time dynamic place in which to find back to yourself.

Take the next step and discover how you can benefit from the proven healing process at Tao Garden Spa and Health Resort.

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Winter Retreat 2013 at Tao Garden

Supreme Inner Alchemy Meditation Retreat

Week 1:  06 Jan – 12 Jan      Instructor Certification Training

Week 2:  13 Jan – 19 Jan     Supreme Inner Alchemy Microcosmic Orbit and Sexual Alchemy

Week 3:  20 Jan – 26 Jan     Fusion I, Tan Tien Chi Kung and Tao Yin

Week 4:  27 Jan – 2 Feb       Fusion II & III and Tai Chi Chi Kung I Retreat

Darkroom Retreats 2013

Week 1:  03 Feb – 09 Feb      Lesser Kan & Li Retreat

Week 2:  10 Feb – 16 Feb     Greater Kan & Li Retreat

Week 3:  19 Aug – 25 Aug     Greatest Kan & Li Retreat


The higher Inner Alchemy Formulas, which traditionally were practiced in caves, are taught in a complete darkness environment, which has been specially created to facilitate the teaching and practice of higher level Taoist Alchemical Meditation.


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