Grand Master Mantak Chia – Evening Lecture

Transform your stress into healing energy and vitality

Find out from Master Chia how Taoist practices can awaken your natural healing potential. For thousands of years these ancient practices have prevented and treated all manor of diseases and illnesses. They nourish your life force and help you to lead a long and happy life.  Meditation Master Mantak Chia starts off his weeks visit with an evening lecture explaining Taoist practice and introducing the subject of his week’s workshops – Chi nei tsang and life pulse massage.


Come and try it for yourself

Probably you have heard of Mantak Chia through his books or even watched him on YouTube. If so then this is the next step and an amazing opportunity to train with the Grand Master personally for only £15 and find out more about his system.



Friday 5th May, from 7pm to 9pm.

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