Fusion – The ‘Cream of Inner Alchemy Meditations’

Master Chia is teaching a 2-day Fusion of the 5 Elements Class.

A truly beautiful experience, sometimes called the ‘cream of inner alchemy meditations’, Fusion of the 5 Elements teaches you to fuse your negative emotions with love and other positives virtues to produce good and vital energy.

A bit like composting in your garden, but infinitely quicker, this is a real emotional de-tox which leaves you re-vitalised and fit for life. And if you take the ‘Essence of the Elements’ workshop with Master Chia you can make it more effective by concentrating on calming and balancing your most challenging energy imbalances as revealed in your 5 element Astrology chart. A free version is available for you to find your 5 element make up here – https://www.universal-tao.com/InnerAlchemyAstrology/index.html

Master Chia will be returning to London in November and will be teaching the first part of Fusion of the 5 Elements. After teaching this Inner Alchemy practice for over 40 years, he has streamlined the practice and teaches it in the most user-friendly way ever. You will find it possible to fully grasp and use the Fusion 1 meditations after the class.

Taoist Astrology – Who are these Fire brands?













Notice how Fire is the dominating element in these example charts, but is not always the Day Master. The Day Master tells us how the person uses ‘fire energy’ in their life, and what the effect of it is on them. They could all have benefited from doing Fusion Meditations, their effect on the world might have been different then.

Who do you think they are?

And here is one more chart. Who is this more balanced lady?

But even with this nicely balanced chart, Fusion Meditations will still help calm the storm of difficult in-coming energy cycles.

So can you guess whose charts these are?
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Would you like to know more about Fusion?

Watch a summary of Fusion with Mantak Chia: