Fusion of the Five Elements

2-day Workshop with Mantak Chia

Discover the power of an emotional de-tox as you rejuvenate your internal organs. Transform your emotions, boost your energy and gain peace of mind.

The beginning of the ‘cream of meditation practices’.

Following the Monday and Tuesday class, the Fusion work will be more easily integrated and have more intimate value for you. The Fusion practices can be equalled to an emotional de-tox. Getting rid of negative emotions from the major body organs leave them freer to perform how they should.

The NHS now recognises the correlation between stress and other negative emotions and physical conditions and symptoms. Taoism has recognised this for over 5000 years and is rich in practices to de-tox and de-stress, getting rid of bad energy to leave space for the positive energy and virtues. This will improve your emotional, mental and your physical selves.

Master Chia personally leads meditations, demonstrates Chi Kung and corrects students.


Create your own protective inner pakuas

Transform Your Stress into Vitality – Calm Your Nervous System



The Major Organs – Understand Their Five Element Relationship


The Taoist Arts consider wealth, health and longevity to be major goals for life.

For the ancient Chinese ‘wealth’ is just another form of energy and seeking it is not considered as greed. Wealth is also seen as achievement and happy balance rather than merely money. Health and longevity can be also interpreted as living well and in good shape for as long as possible and not merely extending life under any circumstances. Relationships can improve alongside changes to emotional and physical health



Wednesday 8th November from 10am to 5.30pm and
Thursday 9th November from 10am to 4.30pm


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