The Essence of the Elements

2-day Workshop with Mantak Chia

Master Chia will guide you to look at your own 5 element make-up with Inner Alchemy Astrology and enlighten you on energy balancing techniques, this will also help you progress more naturally and instinctively to the Fusion of the Five Elements class – often referred to as the cream of enlightenment meditations.

What ARE the Five Elements? They are five energies which have been referred to in Chinese as ‘five energies which act like five elements’ for over 5000 years, this term is usually shortened to ‘Five Elements’.

As they are energies, these elements forge our character and the way we live. Taoist inner alchemy practices and bodywork treatments are based on harmonising these elements within us to transform our negative energies into vitality and heal our minds and bodies.


In this workshop, you will discover:

  • Your own Five Elements make-up: see who you are and why? Your strengths and weaknesses, highs and lows. Mantak Chia has spent 40 years developing his own Inner Alchemy Astrology programme, traditional Chinese Astrology calculations with easy interpretation.
  • What the elements mean. You will learn meditation and chi kung practices to enhance them specifically. You will be able to print out your Inner Alchemy Astrology chart to bring along to the workshop.
  • How the Five Elements affect our body. You will learn helpful techniques related specifically to our major organs and body systems.

Master Chia personally leads meditations, demonstrates Chi Kung and corrects students.


The Negative Emotions Creation Cycle


The Positive Emotions Creation Cycle


How Emotions Affect the Organs



Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th November, from 10am to 5.30pm.

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