Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner Certification Requirements

When you have compleated all the requirements you will be certified through the Healing Tao Instructors Association of the Americas, supervised by Senior Instructor Karin Sorvik. This qualification allows you to be listed on the official Univeral Healing Tao register in Thailand. Once qualified you can get practitioner insurance via Balens. In fact it is advisable to get student insurance once you start doing your case studies.


Chi Nei Tsang I certification requirements 


Attend the CNT I course twice

12 days of Healing Tao including Basic practices, Healing loveFusion of the 5 elements and chi kung (iron shirt or tai chi chi kung)

Self-study supervised and reviewed by an instructor: Chi Kung and Nei Kung (meditation) practice (100 hours)

Self-Study Anatomy and Physiology (approx. 60 hours)

A minimum of 1 year of Healing Tao training (Basic Healing Tao and CNT experience)

100 case studies (i.e.. 10 people 10 treatments each or 20 people 5 treatments )

Students must have received at least 10 treatments from a CNT practitioner or teacher (10 hours)

It’s recommended but not compulsory to attend the CNT II course once before testing.

A practical test of your CNT skills and theory.



Required Book Reading:

Master Mantak Chia’s Chi Nei Tsang

Master Mantak Chia’s Awakening Healing Light; Transform Stress Into Vitality; Iron Shirt Chi Kung; Tai Chi Chi Kung.


Other Book recommendations:

Lonny S. Jarrett – Nourishing Destiny, The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine

Master Mantak Chia’s – Chi Nei Tsang 2 and all other books by Master Chia!

Gilles Marin’s – Healing From Within with Chi Nei Tsang

Ted Kaptchuk’s – The Web That Has No Weaver

Beinfield & Korngold – Between Heaven and Earth

Michael Gershon – The Second Brain

The Anatomy Coloring Book

Joseph Netter’s Anatomy and Physiology book.

Ashley Montagu – Touching The Human Significance of the skin

Stanley Keleman – Emotional Anatomy


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