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Chi Nei Tsang 1 (4-days):  21-22 Oct & 2-3 Dec 2017
Taught by Leigh Blyth

Chi Nei Tsang I is a unique and highly effective form of bodywork that acts directly on the abdomen, vital organs and their associated emotions. It’s an ancient art that was widely practiced in China – especially in remote areas where doctors were rare. Hugely empowering, it can be used for the healing and health maintenance of both the self and others.

Using a blend of Thai and Chinese massage framed by Taoist philosophy, you will learn effective hands on techniques that will enable you to:

• Unravel and unwind the tensions of modern life in the intestines and organs
• Help the body expel accumulated toxins from food, drugs and the environment
• Relax the mind and body, relieving worry, stress, anxiety
• Restore energy flow – promoting natural healing and breathing
• Relieve aches, pains and digestive dysfunction

This course gives you the skills to treat someone using the techniques and principles
covered in Mantak Chia’s book Chi Nei Tsang I. It will also contribute valuable points, knowledge and experience to your Continuing Professional Development. It can be taken as a standalone course or as part of full practitioner training.

Chi Nei Tsang practitioner certification  requirements


Course Curriculum: CNT I

The Taoist view of Nature and the Universe.

  • Chi
  • Yin/Yang
  • 5 Phases and how they relate to the organs and the emotions
    • Water phase – Kidneys and Bladder
    • Wood phase – Liver and Gall Bladder
    • Fire Phase – Heart and Small Intestine
    • Earth Phase – Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas
    • Metal Phase – Lungs and Large intestine

You learn how to work with the above concepts physically and energetically in the body. Including how to treat all of the phases/elements and their associated organs as well as learning common patterns of dysfunction and how to correct them. The course is very hands-on and applicable to what you will find when working on people. The course is expanded on in later courses and also given a whole new dimension if you choose to go on and study the Universal Healing Tao system to which CNT is intimately linked.

What is Chi Nei Tsang?

Mantak Chia Chi Nei Tsang Massage in LondonChi Nei Tsang is a blend of Thai and Chinese massage and ancient internal energy meditation techniques. A very direct, effective and unique form of bodywork which works directly on the abdomen, organs and their associated emotions. The abdomen contains our energetic and physical centre, an area sometimes referred to as our second brain, due to an abundance of brain cells in the area, the importance of this centre to our overall health cannot be overstated.

Modern life leads to an accumulation of toxins, emotions, twists and tangles in the abdomen. This accumulation may show up as digestive dysfunction, aches/pains, lack of energy, feelings of malaise, worry, stress or anxiety, in fact in too may ways to mention. Chi Nei Tsang unwinds the tensions, relaxes, detoxifies and generally restores natural energy flow to the area. The result is a much healthier system and a more relaxed body and mind.

A typical treatment lasts about 45 mins and generally focuses on the different layers of the abdomen although other areas of the body are also treated. Shallow and deep massage techniques are used and more subtle work takes place on the energy and emotional body. CNT can be combined with other bodywork systems as a shorter session after a treatment or integrated into the session. Loose comfortable clothing is recommended which allows access to the abdomen as some techniques work best directly on the skin and oil is sometimes used. People come for treatments with all manner of ailments, for pleasure, self development or as part of a weight loss or detox programme.

Unlike most massage treatments the treatment dynamic is also about education. The practitioner is not healing as such but awakening and working with the student’s natural healing ability. The student is taught along the way how to treat themselves. Therefore the power for future healing is in the hands of the client and the healing can continue long after the sessions finish.


Next Chi Nei Tsang course in London

Chi Nei Tsang 1 (4-days):  21-22 Oct & 2-3 Dec 2017
Taught by Leigh Blyth

Venue :

Clerkenwellbeing Centre
Studio 2
178 Goswell Rd
London EC1V 7DT


The course starts at 10am and finishes at 4.45pm with a break for lunch.


Chi Nei Tsang I Practitioner Training (4 days over two weekends)
DEPOSIT: £195 the final payment is due on the 1st day of the course
REGULAR TICKET: £475 (Concessions £425)



Allthough its not compulsory, we recommend attending the Taoist Basic Practices weekend (4th & 5th November) which is taught by Master Chia.

You can book the Taoist Basic Practices weekend at the bottom of the following page: Mantak Chia  in London.


Online booking – Chi Nei Tsang 1:

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You can pay the full amount or a deposit to secure your place, the rest can be paid in cash on the first day of the course.

Contact me to register your interest in the course if you would prefer to pay by cash or cheque.

We will acknowledge your payment and send confirmation of your booking within 3 days. Please note that your payment includes a non-refundable deposit of 50% (unless the course is cancelled by us, when we will, of course, refund in full). Refunds will be made less the non-refundable deposit of 50% for cancellations up to seven days before the workshop you have registered for. No money will be refunded in any event for cancellations seven days or less before the workshop.