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The Water Element

Mantak Chia is very well known for his teachings and books on sexual energy.

The Water element is an interesting pointer to sexual energy and sexual behaviour, but that isn’t all. Advanced Inner Alchemy practices, such as ‘Healing Love’ or ‘Bone Marrow Nei Kung’, work more specifically on using sexual energy to energise all functions and parts of the body.

Using this energy involves connecting with the primordial forces of the Universe, and the ‘Water’ element energy helps with this; it is the spiritual energy. This can make a person very philosophical. Other energies, which we call ‘symbolic stars’ in our Inner Alchemy Astrology chart, can also enhance our philosophical energy.
Why am I like I am?” You can look at your 5 element composition and see the ‘energy’ of your major organs. This can help you understand health problems, events in your life and your feelings and desires. More importantly, you can learn Inner Alchemy practices to balance these energies, and bring more harmony to your life and apply meditations, mindfulness’ more aptly to yourself.
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