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Such Charisma, but is the Man a Rat?

Can you guess whose Chinese Astrology Natal Chart this is?

Heavenly StemsYin Water
Friendly Self
Day Master
Yin Water
Yang Metal
Yang Fire
Proper Wealth
Animal BranchBoarRoosterRatRat
Branch EnergiesYang Water
Unfriendly Self
Yang Wood
Yin Metal
Hostile Resource
Yin Water
Friendly Self
Yin Water
Friendly Self

Above is the classical BAZI or Chinese Astrology chart, calculated for the hour, day, month year of this gentle rat’s birth. We all know our ‘animal’, in the animal branch line of the year pillar, but is that it? Well first, Chinese Astrology does not consider the rat to have the same disgusting image as the creatures scurrying about under us in the London sewers: he is industrious, family orientated and hard-working, after all he gets up early, rat is the first of the Chinese hours. This energy was called ‘rat’ as it bears some resemblance to the furry ones under our pavements, and sometimes above, hard-working and nocturnal.

But traditional Chinese Astrology is more about your Day Master. Pardon? Yes, that is really ‘who’ you are, and you find that in your heavenly stem line, in the day pillar. Look for yours now.

Our man is Day Master Yin Water, in fact he has a lot of water, our Inner Alchemy Astrology programme makes a pictogram showing the percentages of your 5 elements and unsurprisingly from all the waters in his bazi chart, he has a lot of water.






So we have a gentle, very communicative bloke with great will power as he can flow around obstacles in life to show us his 71% strong views on life. (that is very strong) And that rat, or those 2 rats, give him a certain charisma; his life is quite ‘exceptional’ and one of the exceptional aspects is having 3 of his 4 ‘animals’ in his bazi, from the charismatic animal section. His day branch – the rooster – is charismatic too. So all this charisma, together with such a touchy-feely predominance of his day master water, energetically reaches out to us. He is a well-known international figure, an icon whose image resembles our astro-description above. Who is it?

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