Buddha Palm Chi Kung

Buddha Palm Chi KungThis is a healing form designed for practitioners of Chi Nei Tsang and Cosmic Healing. Through practice you learn to feel and work with energy and build the vital skills necessary to be an outstanding practitioner. The benefits you receive from learning this form are many but here are some of the main ones:

  • Learn to receive and project Chi
  • Open and clear energy channels in the body
  • Ground, disperse and transform sick energy
  • Trains your mind (intention, mindfulness and concentration) power


First you will learn the form and then how your new skills can be applied in your treatments to make them more effective.


Next Course: Please get in touch if you are interested in learning this form.

Venue: To be confirmed



Friday 10am to 5pm
with a break for lunch


Price: £95


Here is a demonstration of the first part of the Buddha Palm Chi Kung Form by Senior Instructor Gilles Marin.