Black Sand Healing Palm & Detox Nutrition

Black Sand Healing Palm

Zi Wu Men Black Sand Healing Palm is also known as Yin Yang Palm. It is an internal healing technique which dates back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Initially practiced as a deadly fighting technique, it requires a mastery of internal practice. When used in attack or defense, it leaves a black palm print on it’s victims and causing devastating internal injury hence it’s name Black Sand.

It was later in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the 7th generation benafactor Dao Yan Chan Si, apart from Yi Jin Jing also developed the Black Sand into a healing method. It was especially used in battlefield when members of the Zi Wu Men school were helping the state resist  Japanese invasion and were injured from poison arrows and suffered internal injuries. This Black Hand Healing Palm technique was being used to dispel poisons from the body and to hasten healing from internal injuries.

The Black Sand Healing Palm has three phases. The first phase is to develop Yin qualities of energies (yin gong). This can assist eliminate illnesses related to heat, infection, inflammation and dryness. The second phase is to develop Yang qualities of energies ( yang gong). This can assist eliminate illnesses related to cold, dampness and weakness. The third phase is to develop power and strength in the palms and fingers. Thereafter depending on it’s purpose needed, phase three can be combined with phase one or two thus developing a superior art of healing method which is an invaluable tool not only for body workers, therapists and healers but for all who are interested to develop a mastery of their own healing energies.


Detox nutrition

Just as in it’s meditation methods, the Zi Wu Men purification is an essential aspect of training. It was an essential part of ritual to expel poisons from the body during battle and is part of the foundation to higher practice to revitalize the mind, and heightens it’s efficiency to defend the body from an attack.

Today in modern living, we use this ancient method of purification to obtain vibrant health and spritual well being.

If you are experiencing asthma, arthritis, chronic fatique, constipation, are on nicotine, excessive alcohol or prescriptive drugs, feeling sluggish and lacking vitality, it could mean you are toxic ! Join us for the day and empower yourself with tips and know hows.


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Friday 13th May
Muscle and tendon neigong – Yi Jin Jing

Saturday 14th May
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Black sand healing palm & Detox nutrition


Course Teacher: Master Jennifer Lee

Master Jennifer LeeAwarded the 7th Duan Black belt in 2009 by the San Shou Dao Association in China and recently awarded the title of ‘World Famous Martial Art Master’ in the book of 100 Extraordinary Martial Artist 2010/11. This will be Jennifer’s first of many planned visits to London as part of her commitment to allowing more people to benefit from practising the Zi Wu Men system.

Jennifer was born and raised in Singapore in a traditional Taoist family with forefathers from Fujian province, China. She started her training in Chinese theatre and classical Chinese dance at the age of 7. At 13, she began her training in external martial arts. Embracing competitive martial arts for 12 years, she was national gold medallist for 8 consecutive years. A state registered and certified coach and referee, Jennifer moved on to internal martial arts and studied full time with prominent and exceptional master Zhou Shu Sheng, also known as China’s Eagle Claw King and the 6th generation Liu He Ba Fa grandmaster.

More recently she has been studying with and supporting Master Song Yixiang the 21st generation Zi Wu Men lineage holder. She travels regularly between China and Germany where in 2000 she founded a Center for martial and healing arts cultivation. Being a woman in the martial arts world and in Europe puts her in a unique position. She is a patient teacher & teaches with dedication and an unusual humour, while demanding, strict and uncompromising, is empathic and warm.